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International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors

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In Press

Journal Articles

Derevensky, J. & Marchica, L. (in press). Fantasy sports wagering: Is it a concern and does it require more regulation? Gambling Law Review.

Mills, D., Milyavskaya, M., Heath, N. & Derevensky, J. (in press). Gaming motivation and problematic gaming: The role of needs frustration. European Journal of Social Psychology.

Book Chapters

Derevensky, J. & Gilbeau, L (in press). Preventing adolescent gambling problems. In A. Heinz, N. Romanczuk-Seiferth, & M. Potenza (Eds.). Gambling disorders. Berlin: Springer International.

Marchica, L. & Derevensky, J. (in press). Prevention of impulse control disorders. In J. Grant & M. Potenza (Eds.), Oxford handbook of impulse control disorders. New York: Oxford University Press.