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International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors

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Journal Articles

Castren, S., Temcheff, C., Derevensky, J., Joselsson, K., Alho, H. & Salonen, A. (2017). Teacher awareness and attitudes regarding adolescent risk behaviours: A sample of Finnish Middle and High School teachers. International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction,15(2), 295-311.

Deans, E., Thomas, S., Daube, M., & Derevensky, J. (2017). The role of peer influences on the normalisation of sports wagering: A qualitative study of Australian men. Addiction Research & Theory, 25(2), 103-113.

Deans, E., Thomas, S., Derevensky, J. & Daube, M. (2017). The influence of marketing on the sports betting and consumption behaviours of young men: Implications for harm reduction and prevention strategies. Harm Reduction Journal, 14(5), 1-12.

Marchica, L., Zhao, Y., Derevensky, J. & Ivoska, W. (2017). Understanding the relationship between sports-relevant gambling and being at-risk for a gambling problem among American adolescents. Journal of Gambling Studies, 33, 437-448.

Zhao, Y., Marchica, L., Derevensky, J. & Shaffer, H. J. (2017). The scope, focus and types of gambling policies among Canadian colleges and universities. Canadian Psychology/Pyycholgie Canadienne, 58, 187-193.

Book Chapters

Derevensky, J., Csiernik, R. & St-Pierre, R. (2017). Problem gambling: Current knowledge, clinical perspectives and concerns. In R. Csiernik & W. S. Rowe (Eds.). Responding to the oppression of addiction: Canadian social work perspectives, Third Edition. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, 434-462.