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2018 Holiday Lottery Campaign



Each year, the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University and the NCPG ask lotteries to support our responsible gambling campaign and help raise awareness regarding the risks of underage lottery play during the holiday season.

Whether or not it is legal for minors to participate in lottery games in your area, a responsible gaming message during the holidays is always welcomed. Over the past eleven years, participation has grown tremendously. In 2017, 55 lotteries in the US and around the world supported the campaign.

In an effort to continue to grow the campaign we have made significant changes in 2018:

  • Lotteries can opt to participate at one of three different levels of involvement. The higher the level of participation, the more campaign activities you are asked to commit to.
  • Non-lottery organizations can now participate in the Holiday Lottery Responsible Gaming Campaign.

Participation in the Holiday Campaign is FREE!. To join the Campaign as a participant SIGN UP HERE. Participants will have access to additional campaign resources. We encourage you to reach out to your local problem gambling advocacy group or state health agency to partner with them in this effort.

Participants must sign up by November 28, 2018 to be included in the official press release and campaign announcements. NCPG Members who participate in the Campaign are also eligible for NCPG’s Holiday Lottery Campaign Award. If you have any questions regarding the campaign, please contact or

Participation Deadline: November 28, 2018 - Sign Up Now!

NASPL Endorsed Campaign

In October 2013, at the annual North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, the NASPL board of directors unanimously approved a resolution encouraging participation in the annual Holiday Campaign. The resolution states that the NCPG/McGill University Holiday Campaign is an effective way to promote responsible gift giving of lottery games and products and that member organizations are encouraged to participate in this effort to the extent allowed by their governing laws and regulations. We are grateful to NASPL for their support and look forward to working with lottery corporations to further share and increase the visibility of this important responsible gambling message.

Congratulations to the Holiday Campaign Award Winners!

Annually, awards are granted to recognize campaign participants who have developed materials and campaigns supporting this responsible gambling initiative. Past winners include:

  • 2018 - New York Council on Problem Gambling on behalf of the New York Responsible Play Partnership
  • 2017 - Oregon Lottery
  • 2016 - British Columbia Lottery Corporation
  • 2015 - British Columbia Lottery Corporation
  • 2014 - Hoosier Lottery (Indiana)
  • 2013 - Illinois Lottery
  • 2012 - Connecticut Lottery Corporation (U.S.) and British Columbia Lottery Corporation (International)
  • 2011 - Connecticut Lottery Corporation (U.S.) and Austrian Lotteries (International)