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2017 Holiday Lottery Campaign

The Holiday Lottery campaign invites lottery organizations to send a responsible gaming message regarding underage play during the holiday season. The goal of the campaign is to encourage parents and adults to give responsibly and that lottery products are not appropriate holiday gifts for minors. Every year, our Centre and the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) in Washington partner with lottery corporations in Canada, the United States and around the world to share this important message. We welcome lottery organizations who wish to partner with us in this WLA and NASPL endorsed campaign. Your support plays a key role in sending the message that lottery tickets should not be purchased as holiday gifts for children. Thank you to the following lotteries who are participating in the 2017 campaign (As of October 19, 2017):

Canada United States
Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commisson Arkansas Lottery
Atlantic Lottery California Lottery
British Columbia Lottery Corportaion Colorado Lottery
Loto-Quebec Connecticut Lottery Corporation
Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries DC Lottery and Charitable Games
Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation Delaware Lottery
Ontario Lotery and Gaming Corporation Florida Lottery
Saskatchewan Lotteries Georgia Lottery Corporation


Hoosier Lottery (Indiana)
Idaho Lottery
AB Svenska Spel Illinois Lottery
Austrian Lotteries Iowa Lottery
Hrvatske Lutrija d.o.o. (Croatia) Kansas Lottery
Lotto New Zealand Kentucky Lottery
Lottotech (Mauritius) Maine State Lottery
Nederlandse Loteri
Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency
  Massachusetts State Lottery Commission
  Michigan Lottery
  Minnesota Lottery
  Missouri Lottery
  Montana Lottery
  Nebraska Lottery
  New Hampshire Lottery Commission
  New Jersey Lottery
  New York Lottery
  North Carolina Education Lottery
  Ohio Lottery
  Oklahoma Lottery Commission
  Oregon Lottery
  Pennsylvania Lottery
  Rhode Island Lottery
  South Dakota Lottery
  Tennessee Education Lottery Commission
  Texas Lottery Commission
  Vermont Lottery
  Virginia Lottery
  Washington's Lottery
  West Virginia Lottery
  Wyoming Lottery
For more information about the campaign, please contact Lynette Gilbeau (McGill University) or Sushmita Upadhaya (NCPG)

2016 Holiday Lottery Campaign

WLA Endorses the Holiday Campaign!

In 2016, the World Lottery Association (WLA) formally endorsed the Holiday Campaign. By supporting this initiative, the WLA joined the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) as well as the European Lottery Association (EL) in urging their lottery members to participate in this corporate social responsibility initiative.

2016 Holiday Campaign Participants included:

United States

Arizona Lottery, Arkansas Lottery Commission, California Lottery, Connecticut Lottery Corporation, Delaware Lottery, DC Lottery and Charitable Games, Florida Lottery, Georgia Lottery Corporation, Hoosier Lottery, Idaho Lottery, Iowa Lottery, Illinois Lottery, Kansas Lottery, Kentucky Lottery Corporation, Maine Lottery, Maryland Lottery & Gaming Control Agency, Massachusetts State Lottery, Michigan Bureau of State Lottery, Minnesota State Lottery, Missouri Lottery, Montana Lottery, Nebraska Lottery, New Hampshire Lottery, New Jersey Lottery, New Mexico Lottery, New York Lottery, North Carolina Education Lottery, Ohio Lottery Commission, Oklahoma Lottery Commission, Oregon Lottery, Pennsylvania Lottery, Rhode Island Lottery, South Carolina Education Lottery, South Dakota Lottery, Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation, Texas Lottery, Vermont Lottery Commission, Virgin Islands Lottery, Virginia Lottery, Washington’s Lottery, West Virginia Lottery, Wisconsin Lottery, Wyoming Lottery


Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, Atlantic Lottery, British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Loto-Quebec, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corp., Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, Saskatchewan Lotteries


AB Svenska Spel (Sweden), Austrian Lotteries, Hrvatska Lutrija d.o.o. (Croatia), Lottotech Limited (Mauritius), Lotto New Zealand, Tatts Group Limited (Australia)

NASPL Endorsed Campaign

In October 2013, at the annual North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, the NASPL board of directors unanimously approved a resolution encouraging participation in the annual Holiday Campaign. The resolution states that the NCPG/McGill University Holiday Campaign is an effective way to promote responsible gift giving of lottery games and products and that member organizations are encouraged to participate in this effort to the extent allowed by their governing laws and regulations. We are grateful to NASPL for their support and look forward to working with lottery corporations to further share and increase the visibility of this important responsible gambling message.

Congratulations to the Holiday Campaign Award Winners!

Annually, awards are granted to recognize lottery corporations participating in the Holiday Campaign who have developed materials and campaigns supporting this responsible gambling initiative. Past winners include:

  • 2017 - Oregon Lottery
  • 2016 - British Columbia Lottery Corporation
  • 2015 - British Columbia Lottery Corporation
  • 2014 - Hoosier Lottery (Indiana)
  • 2013 - Illinois Lottery
  • 2012 - Connecticut Lottery Corporation (U.S.) and British Columbia Lottery Corporation (International)
  • 2011 - Connecticut Lottery Corporation (U.S.) and Austrian Lotteries (International)