Kids speak out about gambling

International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors

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Adolescents | Kids speak out about gambling

Kids speak out about gambling

"The casino was open all the time, and I know that any time I needed to be somewhere , there would be people there and something exciting for me to do. I went when I didn't feel like going to class, when I didn't want to be at home. I went when I had a lot of work to do because for the time I was sitting at the table I forgot about my work. I don't like going there with people anymore. I just want to be alone and be able to do my thing. I was happy there." Female, age 18

"I can't expect any of my friends to understand what is going on." Male, age 17

"I want to jump out of a plane... I think it would give me a similar rush." Female, age 18

"I made gambling more important than anything else." Male, age 18

"It was a game in the beginning, then I used it to kill time, then I realized it was a great escape." Male, age 17

"What keeps me from going back is remembering how sick I was... I was not a real person anymore." Female, age 19

"When I lose, it's really good because I am on mission... I have something to do... try to win my money back." Male, age 18

"No, money wasn't the reason for my gambling. But just like cars use gas, I used money." Female, age 19

"When I was gambling, I woke up every day thinking this was going to be a big day." Male, age 17

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